Sweethearts of Sigma Chi

The membership annually elects the Sweethearts of Sigma Chi to represent the Chapter. These women exemplify and cherish the ideals and values of Sigma Chi with distinction and grace.

Christina Culp ’24

Christina Culp is a Junior majoring in Politics and Government and minoring in Spanish and Business.

She is a campus tour guide, plays club Ultimate Frisbee and is on the Panhellenic Council for Greek life.

Christina loves to travel, eat good food, and hang out with friends.

She also likes to go to the gym and explore the outdoors through hiking, snowboarding and water sports.

Hope Freeman ’23

Hope Freeman is in her final year at Puget Sound. She is majoring in Religion, Spirituality, and Society with minors in Crime, Law, and Justice, African American Studies, and Bioethics.

She hosts a radio show on KUPS (our college radio station) and has been a member of Alpha Phi for three years.

Hope loves going out with friends, hiking, skiing and cooking. If she could have one superpower it would be aquatic breathing so that she could scuba dive without an oxygen tank.

After graduation, she plans to take a gap year to work and make money to travel. Currently, she is an intern for the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound, helping incarcerated women earn their bachelor’s degree. One day she hopes to work in criminal justice reform.

Kyra Hartley ’23

Kyra Hartley is a Senior Sweetheart for Sigma Chi. she is a business major with a minor in economics. After graduation she will be working for a consulting agency in Seattle. 

She is also the President of Order of Omega and a member of Alpha Phi. She has been the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi for two years now and there is “nothing that I love more than surprising the boys.”

Her favorite tradition is her annual easter egg hunt!

“Nothing compares to laughs in the foyer, lunches in the sub, or fashion shows in the bar room! This group of people has brought me so much joy and excitement and I take great pride being a part of it!”

It is such an honor to have been chosen as Sigma Chi’s Sweetheart, especially by people who I consider my close friends and role models. I am so excited to be this chapter’s new sweetheart and to have a role within this amazing chapter and brotherhood.

Ella Denman ’22 

Past Sweetheart

Sweetheart Heritage

Since its installation in 1950, the Delta Phi Chapter has maintained and honored the traditions associated with the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

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Women of Sigma Chi

Over the years, Sigma Chi has thrived with the support of many women, from women’s auxiliary groups, mothers’ clubs, Chapter and International Sweethearts, and female employees at the International Headquarters.

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