Fraternity recruitment at the University of Puget Sound, colloquially known as “Rush,” refers to a specific week, scheduled within the first few weeks of each semester, when fraternities host social events, activities and open houses to allow prospective members to learn more about their chapter and Greek Life as a whole. It’s an exciting and enjoyable way to kick off the new semester. Explore all the fraternities at Puget Sound before deciding which one, if any, is right for you.

Why Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi offers prospective members the chance to be part of one of the strongest, most renowned and most prestigious international fraternities in the Greek World. Our Fraternity has initiated more than 350,000 brothers in its 165-year history — one of the largest for any Greek-Letter Organization. Our members are involved in all facets of life, ranging from politics, the arts, athletics and more.

What distinguishes us from other fraternities is our commitment to diversity and inclusion, as it was our Founders’ belief that a fraternity that has members of different temperaments, talents and convictions will succeed more than a fraternity recruiting members who are identical. We also have a zero-tolerance policy on hazing, which we take very seriously. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.

Criteria for Membership

The Jordan Standard is the minimum standard of consideration for membership into Sigma Chi, which was provided by Founder Isaac M. Jordan (Miami, Ohio, 1857). The Jordan Standard does not define Sigma Chi but a mere guideline that holds as true today as it did decades ago. Young men who demonstrate the qualities outlined by The Jordan Standard are more likely to strive toward and succeed in fulfilling our fraternal goals and obligations.

A man of good character …

Displays the traits described in the Jordan Standard; is ethical, respected, humble and honest.

A Student of Fair Ability …

Displays intelligence; thinks and acts with common sense.

With Ambitious Purposes …

Does his best in all he endeavors; leads, is energetic, has a great vision, is responsible.

A Congenial Disposition …

Is friendly, courteous and easy to engage in conversation; shows compassion and respect for others.

Possessed of Good Morals …

Knows the difference between right and wrong; does the right thing, even when no one watches.

Having a High Sense of Honor …

Takes his commitments seriously by keeping promises, showing concern for others and having high self-esteem.

And a Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility …

Takes responsibility for his own actions; doesn’t blame others for his failings or those of group

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sigma Chi look for in potential new members?

Sigma Chi uses a character-based recruitment standard, called the Jordan Standard, to evaluate potential members before they are invited to pledge:

A man of good character … A student of fair ability … With ambitious purposes … A congenial disposition … Possessed of good morals … Having a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Do I have to join a fraternity if I go through Recruitment?

No. Recruitment is a “risk-free” process that involves zero-commitment to any fraternity. Prospective members are encouraged to meet brothers from each fraternity and learn more about each brotherhood’s values before deciding which one is right for them. Prospective members may also decide that Greek Life is not for them and subsequently choose not to join any fraternity.

I’m interested in joining Sigma Chi. How do I learn more?

To learn more about Sigma Chi, we invite you register your interest by filling out and submitting our Recruitment Interest Form below. Our Recruitment Chairman will reach out to you and provide you more information.

What is the time commitment involved with being part of Sigma Chi?

We understand that our members must fulfill their academic responsibilities above others. Time commitments are usually limited to four hours per week, but will vary throughout the semester or due to leadership role in the chapter.

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