Chapter Leadership

Executive Officers

Andrew Goldenberg ’26

Consul (President)


Tomer Gabay ’27

Pro Consul (Vice President)


Chris Harris ’25

Annotator (Administrator)


Dan miller ’24

Magister  (Pledge Educator)


Asa Bonner ’26

Quaestor (Treasurer)

Mickey Cosgrove  ’26 & Grayson Shearer ’26

Recruitment Chairman

Jack Crow ’25

Risk Manager



Levi Woodbury ’27

Izac Stoilkovich ’27 
Social Chair

Sam Lampert ’27
Sustainability Chair

Eric Borgquist ’25
Sweetheart Chair

Ethan Baker ’25
Chapter Editor

Andrew Spitzer ’26
Greek House Coordinator

Rashad Brimah ’26

Brotherhood Chair

Jacob Wallace ’26

Brotherhood Chair


Ryan Hargrove ’25         

Logan Pollard ’27
Scholarship Chair

Jake Schall ’27
EIJ Chair

Aidan Sjothun ’25

IFC Representative


Waylon Francis ’26


Asa Bonner ’26
Philanthropy Chair

Eric Borgquist ’25

Derby Days Chair



Aidan Oki ’24

Liam Kimball ’24

Chase Morley ’24

Stephen Jones ’24

Dylan Wilde ’24

Grantland Unterseher ’24

Tanner Schreindl ’24

Reece Butler ’24

Liam Smith ’24

Jacob Akana ’24

Charlie Dolin ’24

Andrew Saddler ’24 

Eric Borgquist ’25

Dan Miller ’25

Chris Harris ’25

Ryan Hargrove ’25

Ethan Baker ’25 

Adan Sjothun ’25

Carson Ward ’25 

Jack Crow ’25

Grayson Shearer ’26

Liam Borell ’26

Andrew Goldenberg ’26

Waylon Francis ’26

Britt Sutton ’26

Rashad Brimah ’26

Mickey Cosgrove ’26

Baker Hahn ’26

Asa Bonner ’26

Jacob Wallace ’26

Drew Spitzer ’26


Logan Pollard ’27

Tomer Gabay ’27

Vaughn Baldamore ’27

Khai Tong ’27

Jaret Swerlow ’27

Jaxon Johnson ’27

Sam Lampert ’27

Diego Santos ’27

Levi Woodbury ’27

Izac Stoilkovich ’27 

Charles DeRussy ’27 

Jake Schaal ’27

Jack Matheson ’27





Alumni and Fraternity Support

Chapter Advisory Board 

Alumni and community support is critical to the long-term success of the chapter. To help a chapter realize its full potential, a chapter advisory board (CAB), comprised of local alumni appointed by the Grand Praetor, provide a solid and consistent foundation of support. The CAB monitors chapter progress, provides counsel and advice to its leaders, assists where requested or required, and provide emphasis on the intangible aspects of fraternalism — Ritual, brotherhood, unity and caring for one another. Contact the CAB at

Bruce Sadler

Delta Phi, Puget Sound 1983

Devonte Bell

Puget Sound

Scott Reader

Delta Phi, Puget Sound 1991

Travis Dos Santos-Tam

Delta Phi, Puget Sound 2013

Will Shanahan

Delta Phi, Puget Sound 2020

International Officers & Headquarters Staff

Grand Praetor

Bruce Sadler

Delta  Phi,  puget sound 1983

The Grand Praetor, one for each province, is nominated by the undergraduate chapters in his province and elected to a two–year term by the Grand Chapter. He advises chapters in his respective province, maintains general knowledge of their condition and endeavors to improve their standing in scholarship, morals and discipline. The Grand Praetor is empowered to enforce the Fraternity’s Governing Laws and Ritual in province chapters.

Contact John at

Regional Support Coordinator

Michael Berger

Gamma Nu, South Carolina 2001

The regional chapter support coordinator provides guidance to the undergraduate chapters in his region by assisting them and their volunteer advisors in fulfilling the goals set forth in their strategic plans. He works closely with the Grand Praetors and chapter advisors to assist the undergraduate leadership with various aspects of their chapter’s operations and facilitates relationships between the chapters and university partners.

Contact Michael at

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